Friday, 18 July 2014

A fast from anxiety

 I was in a tither yesterday.

The news from the Ukraine, from Israel/Palestine, from the U.S./Mexican border (and from  many other places)  was all bad, and  all too dreadful.

My anxiety level was HIGH.   
This was not good.
 I became so very  anxious

Acting on a suggestion from Rabbi Rachel Barenblatt (The Velveteen Rabbi),  (you can follow her thread at the Episcopal Cafe's "The Lead"  Friday July 18th 2014 -  "What to do when all the news is bad"     I  decided to  fast from all  media and social media on Saturday 19th July.

This means that I will abstain from  T.V. and  Radio news; from internet news, from e-maul, and from postings on Facebook, 
I will  endeavor to enjoy an anxiety free Sabbath.

See you on Sunday,



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