Thursday, 17 July 2014

For what should I wish?

I need spectacles for reading and for computer work. I do not need them for distance sight such as driving.  Nevertheless I opt for progressive lenses with the top being lens-less and the bottom being good for reading etc as I dislike having to take my glasses on and off.

I am fortunate (I think)  to have excellent optical insurance (courtesy of the Church Pension Fund) which enables me to have a free annual eyesight test, and a reduction in the cost of frames and lenses.

So off I went on June 24th to  Target Stores Optical Services for an eyesight test ( which determined that my sight  is deteriorating very slowly and there is next to no signs of macular degeneration or cataracts).

I placed an order for new lenses and frames  ( at a cost of $295 even with the optical insurance and a "Target Red Card" holder discount of $14.

Without insurance the new glasses would have cost $565.  That is astonishingly high.  No wonder poor people opt for no glasses at all, or for the cheaper  "readers" which are available at local drug stores. 

Of course they are poor because of their own faults and shortcomings eh?  (You can tell that to the Marines, but do not tell it to the Republicans.  They are deaf.)

My eye exam, as I mentioned, was on June 24th.

My receipt told me to expect delivery on July 4th (fat chance!), especially as the clerk told me that normal delivery could be expected in two weeks.

I waited for two weeks and a day before calling Target. My glasses had not arrived,

I called again today -  23 days after my initial appointment.  I was told that my glasses had still not arrived at the store.  I very politely expressed my displeasure, and said that if the glasses were not available by next Monday (July 21st) I would cancel my order.

The clerk said that she understood my frustration  (she sounded to be sincere) and ventured that if my order is not fulfilled by then "maybe" Management will give me a further discount.

She called me later. (Good for her)  She had followed through with the company which makes the frames and discovered that the entirely simple frame which I had chosen was on back order . (Chinese efficiency?).  This  clerk "hopes" that this will be resolved by next Monday.  (I have my doubts).

So "For what should I wish?"

1. That there is not a chance that my new glasses will be ready anytime soon, and that I should therefore cancel the order next Monday, and take my prescription to another supplier?

2.  That if I am promised delivery "within a few days"   I should insist on a deep discount or else I will still cancel the order?

3. That inexpensive prescription eye glasses be made available for the poor, and for the poorest of the poor?

( Don't count  on #3. Some "Village Idiot" Republican (and there are many) will insist that this is socialism.).

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