Sunday, 27 July 2014

Uh Oh

There are a few things which need fixing in my home,  simple enough stuff for which I have neither the skill or tools.

I have been looking for an old fashioned "odd job man" (woman), 'cause none of these jobs call for a skilled craftsman (woman).

Chief among these needs is the leaking tank in my bathroom.

There is a shut off valve right next to the toilet, but it is "stuck" -  even the use of a wrench would not budge it.

So, for now I've shut off all the water supply using an outside valve.  This is all well and good for now since I can turn the water supply on when I need to shower or do laundry  - making sure of course that I have a dish-pan under the toilet tank.

I mentioned my needs to parishioners C and M when I shared communion with them at their home this  morning.

They put me on to  a local business called  "Meyers Makes House Calls", run by one David Meyersburg.

His business card has the sub-titles
Master Tinkerer
Dependable and Knowledgeable
Anything in or around the house repaired.
No job too trivial
I called Mr. Meyersburg today. Boo-hoo  he is fully booked for two weeks. 
But since his home is about a mile from mine he will stop by tomorrow and (if he can) turn off the valve next to the toilet.  (If that works I'll be able to restore full water service to my home (and use the spare bathroom).
When he gets here tomorrow we'll talk about setting a date for the tasks on my list:
1) Repairing or replacing the water tank.  (Of utmost importance).
2) Shaving the cats
3) Ironing my shoe-laces
4) Spinning my clothes dryer lint so that I can make some hoodies for the cats.

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