Sunday, 30 November 2014

Hospital calls to B and F, and deeply aware of the shortness and uncertainty of human life (again)

One of the prayers we use in the Episcopal Church asks God that we should become "deeply aware of the shortness and uncertainty of human life".

It's a good and wise prayer.  It reminds me that we live no more than one day at a time.  Or, as the biblical book of Proverbs  says: "Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring".  Proverbs 27:1

It's been a time when I've once again been reminded of the fragility of life.

B and F  (I will not use their names in order to respect their privacy) have a historical connection with the Sarasota parish which I call home.

They moved away from SRQ (FL)  some years ago to a town south of SRQ, but never connected with another parish.

About two weeks ago B fell off a ladder at work, and landed on his head. He was taken by helicopter to the Trauma Unit at a hospital in Bradenton, FL.

I was asked to visit him, and his partner F at that hospital.  Of course I've done so (twice), even though I have never before met them. 

F and I had a long 'phone conversation today. B's prognosis is grim.  He is extremely unlikely to make any significant recovery from his severe brain damage.  F will most likely have to make some tough end of life decisions for his lover and partner.

So I will be with them again tomorrow at the Hospital in Bradenton. I will listen to F and pray with him and with B.  That's what Ministers are called to do.

My heart aches for F as he sits by his lover's hospital bed.

He, (with us?) is now deeply aware of the shortness and uncertainty of human life.  His heart of love is willing to release B into the eternal arms of love.

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