Jesus the surfer?

He was walking towards me on the other side of the street -  and the colours he was wearing were so bright and vivid that he could not be missed. Multi-coloured tee shirt, shorts with bright coloured trim, and tri-coloured sneakers.
Then he crossed the street just ahead of me, and I called out "great colours".  He, a lad of about seventeen, said "did you notice the tee shirt.  It's the resurrected Jesus, you can tell that because of the wound marks in his hands.  And because he is resurrected he does not need a surf board".
"Google images" enabled me to find an advertisement for that tee-shirt.

It was the young man's way of "witnessing".  He was so sweet, so sincere, and so engaging that I decided to say nothing except that I thought his shirt was cool.
And of course -   we believers also project so many of our own  hopes, prejudices, political ideas and thoughts onto the enigmatic Jesus of Nazareth, even if we do not wear tee-shirts.
None of us can lay claim to absolute  knowledge of the "real Jesus", (not even the New Testament writers).  ****
But we persist in the hope that in him we find way, truth and life.
(I draw a line at the idea, espoused by some American right wing Christians, of the "Heat Packing Jesus")


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