Morning bonus

As I walked Penne in the semi-darkness soon after 6:00 a.m. today I paused to watch the first morning flight from SRQ airport,  as  the plane first flew east, and then made a huge turn, first to fly west, and then north.

As I looked into the western sky I forgot the plane and began to enjoy the almost full moon in the western sky.

The moon was shining bright in a gap between the clouds.  It was lovely, so very lovely. (Isn't it so great that the bright shining of  an almost full moon (or a full moon) still evokes delight.

This morning there was a bonus.  As I gazed west I saw a shooting star (or maybe a meteor). It evoked more than delight: -  for a second or two I was filled with wonder; a great antidote to my sometimes jaded view of life.


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