I met Jack C (ex-U.S. Navy Captain, and now a retired  Anglican Priest) at St. Boniface Church in SRQ.

Although Jack and I are at the opposite ends of the spectrum in our political  convictions, we have become firm friends.   That friendship embraces Jack's wife Donna.

After Jack's retirement from the U.S. Navy he and Donna spent  not a few years in the U.K. where he trained for ordination, was ordained, and served as a Priest in the Diocese of Ely (Cambridgeshire U.K ).

In due course Jack and Donna returned to the U.S.A., where Jack served in a parish in Newport, R.I..

There they met Muriel Q, a fabulous woman who hails from Oldham, Lancashire, U.K.

Jack, Donna, Muriel and I washed up in Sarasota at different times -  but we connected with each other at St. Boniface Church, SRQ.

The four of us are enamored with "Kippers" (Kippered Herrings)   as befits two Limeys and two Anglophiles.

With that in mind I ordered Kippers from an outfit which is based in the Chesapeake Bay (in Maryland), and invited Jack, Donna and Muriel to join me for a Kipper lunch on Feb 13th.  They accepted my invitation without reserve. We'll scoff the Kippers  alongside  boiled and buttered red potatoes, and  green peas.

But "dearie me", I bought far too many Kippers for the four of us.

So I have shared this  excess of kippers with my friends:

1)  Neil and Sue P. They are from Exeter in Devonshire UK.  Neil is the Director of Music at  St. Boniface Church, SRQ.

2) Diana and Fred E.  Diana is an Englishwoman who was born in India.  Her husband Fred and I were colleagues in the Diocese of Western Massachusetts. We re-connected when Diana and Fred re-located in retirement  to the nearby Longboat  Key, FL

3).  My "bestie" Ben M:  born and raised in New York City; world traveled; lover of fine foods - including Kippers, (and more or less an omnivore!).


I am SHARING THE STINK (Kippers are pungent).



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