Friday, 13 February 2015

When Limeys and Limeophiles gather for lunch.

My English born friend Muriel (from Oldham, Lancashire), and my American friends, Jack and Donna (true Anglophiles who lived in England for about seven years) came to my home for lunch today.

I cooked some Kippers on a griddle (with a bit of butter),  ( if you have not eaten kippers you have not lived);  and served them with grilled tomatoes, poached eggs, boiled red potatoes (with butter and parsley) , and with the  British "Heinz" brand baked beans in tomato sauce (well loved in the U.K. and probably also in Ireland).

It was a feast fit for Kings (or at least for all  those who are  Limeys, or Limeophiles, or Scots, or Irish, or Welsh).

Muriel, Jack and Donna declared themselves to be delighted with this lunch.  Indeed it worked out well, and our lunch-time conversation was funny, loving and gentle.

(Dessert was a good cuppa tea, and some Jaffa  Cakes).

If you are mystified look up "Kippers" and "Jaffa Cakes" on Wikipedia -  and then give thanks for British/Irish cuisine.

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