Thursday, 5 March 2015

Lamb and Mint

I got some Australian Lamb this week at my local supermarket.  I cannot do so often 'cause lamb (which I like very much) is usually very expensive.

The lamb I bought was labelled as hormone and antibiotic free (probably true for most lamb, which as far as I know cannot be "factory farmed").

What I bought was labeled as "Lamb for Stew", and it was "on sale".  The package weighed about twenty four ounces, and was sold for the princely sum of five bucks ($5), a bargain these days.

I prepared it in my slow cooker, and there was enough for three meals.  On Tuesday and Wednesday I ate it with sweet potatoes, corn,  and cannellini beans;  today with sweet potato and haricot verts.

A  "Feast fit for a King" indeed, or at least for a Povey.

The crowning joy of these meals was the mint sauce which I made from scratch.

Not for me the sickly sweet American product known as "mint jelly".

No siree! I made, from scratch,  the far superior British "mint sauce" :  Fresh mint finely chopped, malt vinegar (sufficient to moisten, but not to  drown the mint), and a teaspoonful of sugar.

Mint Jelly overwhelms the flavour of lamb.

Mint Sauce brings out the best in lamb.

Here is a fairly complicated recipe for Mint Sauce.


From one who is happy that he was born in England,

and who is more than glad that he became an American citizen,

and who is often irked when Americans criticize English/British cuisine,

and is weary of popular American dishes which require "cheese on everything"; deep fried if possible"!

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