My Lunch today: A mess of mussels --- so very good!

My lunch today.

1, A cup or so of sea-food stock.

2, Pearl onions  (frozen, from Birdseye)

3, Celery  (maybe three cups).  If I have too much celery I cut it up, blanch it and then freeze it.  It's then perfectly fit for soups and stews). That's what I used today.

4, Six plum tomatoes, diced into about 1" squares ( much better than the canned ones).

5, Garlic to taste. Salt and pepper to taste.

6. And the crowning glory?  Frozen Mussels from Whole Foods: (they are already cooked and de-shelled).

This  "mess" is simmered in a big pot for about an hour.

Utterly delicious, if I may say so! 

Such was my lunch today, and it will be so tomorrow, and on Thursday.


But not on Wednesday when my friends Fred and Diana will be at my home for a simple lunch.

I will serve them my version of a sandwich which was one of my favourites at Samel's Deli in Pittsfield MA.

Samel's called it a "New Englander".

1,  Good whole wheat bread. (I use the organic  "Eureka" brand, made in California, and available at the Publix Supermarkets in Florida).

2.  A generous slice of  chicken or turkey breast  (not the packaged kind, but cut from a roasted Turkey or Chicken).  (Supermarket Rotisserie Chicken works well).

3.  A slice of the very best aged cheddar cheese.

3,. A slice of peeled and cored apple ("Granny Smith" apples work well in the absence of the far superior "Bramley" apples which are all but unavailable in these benighted States).

4. I use mustard as the "spread", but butter or mayo also "work",

'Tis a damn good sandwich.

I'll serve it to Fred and Diana with "sides" of good (sliced) tomatoes, a small helping of "Five Bean Salad", and some chips (crisps).

Most importantly -  I'll rejoice in the company of Diana and Fred.

(They were my guests the day after I adopted Penne, six years ago.  So, apart from me, they are Penne's oldest friends!).


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