Sweet sorrow/ A local improvement/ Easter at a Fundamentalist Church

I heard today of the death of a wonderful Pittsfield parishioner and  friend, Alice McClintock.

Alice and her husband Chuck were delightful parishioners at St. Stephen's, Pittsfield, MA.  They were devoted Christians, with a deep and quiet faith, never worn on their shoulders.

They usually attended the Saturday evening Eucharist, and I called Chuck to be a Eucharistic Minister so that he could serve at that service.    He accepted my call, and served with prayerful distinction.

On some Saturdays (after the service)  Chuck, Alice and I would decamp to a diner in the Coltsville area of Pittsfield for a bite to eat.  I would always order Liver and Bacon, with mashed potatoes, (and ask the waitress to make a "well" in the spuds for the gravy). 

We'd mostly be there with another "Saturday evening Eucharist" couple -  Bob and Lois.  

Chuck, Alice and I would be so amused, because Bob and Lois would insist on calculating our shares of the bill to the exact penny

Chuck and Alice moved to Sun City, Arizona  (near Phoenix) -  a place with a better climate for Alice with her frequent bronchial infections.

I visited with them there twice. The first time we ate out at their favourite restaurant "The Olive Garden".

The second time I visited them at their home -  Alice having had a stroke -  which impaired her body, but not her spirit.

After Chuck's death Alice returned to Richmond, MA, in the Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts.  There she lived with her daughter Barbara May.  She and I exchanged occasional  messages via Facebook.

Alice (in her 90's) died yesterday, following a brief illness.  She was/is a grand woman, filled with joy and faith. I treasure every memory of her, and of Chuck.

Here is Alice in all her glory at a family wedding.


The elected Board of the Glen Oaks Ridge Condominium Association (where I live)  is renowned for being tight-fisted.

Despite this, the Board exceeded its parsimonious self, and voted to have a new fountain for our Pond.

I think that is lovely. So I called the Office this afternoon so that I could thank the Board members for their good decision.  Doreen, the Office Manager, was shocked, surprised and delighted that an owner (jmp)  would call with a word of thanks rather than with a complaint.


A nearby Evangelical./ Fundamentalist Church  ( a less than ten minute walk from my home) is advertising the following:

Oh my goodness.

Did Jesus die and rise again so that an Evangelical Church could sponsor an Easter Egg hunt with 5,000 eggs at stake?
I doubt it.


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