Sunday, 19 April 2015

My left foot

On my way home from Vietnam a couple of years ago I clambered into my business class bed on a United Airlines flight from Tokyo to L.A.

As I was settling, in a flight attendant walked by, and as she did so, she tickled my left foot.  So strange.

Last Wednesday as I was awaiting surgery (much delayed because the clinic had run out of oxygen), the Surgeon passed by, and as he so did, he "shook"  my left foot, as if it were my left hand.

A bit later, the O.R. nurse also grabbed the same foot as she passed by.

OHMYGOODNESS  It seems that I have a very attractive left foot.

Should I set up a booth at the Saturday Farmer's Market in SRQ with a sign reading "grab, shake, or tickle my left foot for $5"?

I await your wise replies.

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