Saturday, 2 May 2015

When a prayer went wrong

As reported by Simon Jenkins on the U.K. religious site "Reform"
"Someone recently sent me the story of a dear old saint (admittedly not the precise phrase used of her at the time) who habitually hijacked the church prayer meeting. Everyone’s heart sank whenever Agnes opened her mouth to pray, because she made it her business to thank the Almighty – at length – for everything in her life.
 Until one day, when she started off as usual: “I thank God,” she said, “for the beautiful weather we’ve been having, and I thank God for fellowship and friendship, and I give praise and thanks that we live in a land of plenty…” and so on and so forth.
After a solid 10 minutes, she moved on to thanking God for her house and its contents: “And I thank God,” she said, “for my dining room with its beautiful table, and I thank God for my wonderful fitted kitchen, but most of all I thank God for the little ray of sun that shines down my back passage.” At this point she faltered. And the vicar jumped in and said, very loudly and firmly: “Amen.” "

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