Saturday, 13 June 2015

Have I joined a food trend? (Smoothies).

Do you remember the food trends of recent years?

There was the "sun-dried tomatoes" phase.  Every darn dish had to include them.

Then the popular culture moved to "roasted vegetables" as the thing to eat.  (That  may be a keeper.)

I must also mention kale and quinoa as trendy foods.

I prefer not to mention the days of sickly-sweet cupcakes as the food du jour, but they too had their day.  The middle-class American world and her husband  were convinced that cupcakes would save civilization. (There is still a ghastly "reality" show on the "Food Channel" which has something to do with making 1,000 cupcakes).

"Starbucks", that overpriced haven for the in-crowd is now pushing "frappuccinos" as the thing to drink.  Starbucks knows nothing.  We had frappes in New England long before Starbucks was a gleam in its father's eyes.

And now there are "smoothies". 

"Smoothies" are trending, (or were trending yesterday).

Intelligence has it that many of them are over-burdened with sugar  (now that's an all-American essential ingredient).

But I ask myself  (and you): "Have I joined a food trend?"

For you see, I bought a "Tuscan Cantaloupe" the other day.  It is ripe, sweet, and ultra juicy.

I took some of this (de-seeded and de-skinned) cantaloupe  and liquefied it in my blender. I added some Greek Yoghurt.

Oh my goodness it tastes so good.  And I think that it is reasonably high on the healthy food scale.

I ask you:

Did I make an old-fashioned  and by now pass√©  "smoothie"?, -

or am I the author of a new food trend, i.e. :"Tuscan Cantaloupe and Greek Yoghurt  Health Food",  -  a.k.a. "The Povey way to healthy Mediterranean eating"?

I am certain that you will let me know.

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