Thursday, 11 June 2015

I was wrong (and you heard it from me first)

I wrote this on my blog a couple of days ago.

On Wednesday I am to have dinner with a women I hardly know.  She is a friend of a friend of mine. She endures a lot of pain and loneliness.  Her best friend is away for the summer.

She phoned me with her invitation.

"Darn", I thought, "that's the last thing I want to do, have dinner with someone I hardly know".  But I accepted her invitation.

"The last thing I want to do"

Oh damn,  I was so wrong!  I had an utterly delightful visit with a very fine woman  (and good food to boot at the Retirement complex where she lives).

The Food.

Decent salad bar.
Wonderful entrée  (lamb chops - four of them), with cooked but still crunchy vegetables.
A delicious cookie for dessert/afters.

The company and conversation.

I had met this woman a couple of times, but had forgotten so much about her.

She was born in Trinidad of Venezuelan parents. Spanish is her first language.

The family moved to N.Y.C. (legally)  when she was seven.  She found it easy to learn English.

She had planned to be on the stage, but got diverted into a stellar career as an "Air Hostess"  with the late and lamented Pan-Am airline.

After service with Pan-Am to central and south America;  to the far east; to the Indian peninsula; and to Europe she transitioned into management where her career flourished.  She was smart enough to take early retirement just before Pan-Am went belly up.

She married a wonderful Egyptian man, (now deceased).

Four years ago she sold her NYC apartment and moved to SRQ.

She is smart, lively and funny.  She engages in splendid conversations about a wide range of issues.  She "gets" and responds to my off-beat humour.

In short

I had a perfectly wonderful evening.  I am grateful for my growing friendship with this fabulous woman (who also happens to be an Episcopalian -   now, that's a bonus!).

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