Sunday, 12 July 2015

'Tis the gift to be simple (2)

As I walked out with Penne at about 3:00 I happened upon some "strangers". 

I saw a youngish couple as they fished from the Gazebo at the neighbouring Glen Oaks Manor pond.

I also saw a middle aged man, as he wheeled a baby buggy in which there were two infants. A small boy (maybe aged three) raced ahead.

Then the small boy stopped, and began to cry.  Something had bothered him.

Without a word, the middle-aged guy hoisted the weepy small boy onto to his shoulders.  He walked on,  with the infants in the buggy, and the small boy on his shoulders.

It was a lovely scene --  peace had been restored.

A bit later I walked again with Penne,  Once again I came across the two guys.

I said to the older man  "that was  a lovely moment when you hoisted your weepy son onto your shoulders".

He responded with "that was not my son, that was my grandson".

Well I never.
The middle aged man was the grandfather. The youngish couple who were fishing were the parents of the infants in the baby buggy, and of the toddler.

Yet it was a lovely scene.  It was lovely to see a grandfather (as it turns out) to be so gracious and gentle with his one generation removed youngsters. 

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