Saturday, 1 August 2015

Crash, Smash, Bash, Crash, Smash, Bash.

When I drive, whether it be on urban roads or interstate highways, I try to keep a safe distance from the auto which is ahead of me:
a safe distance of three to five vehicles on the highway, and at least two vehicles on urban roads.

That's all very well, but on interstates and fast urban roads the "weaving wankers" are often likely to switch lanes and move into the gap which I have carefully created in front of me.

And I cannot control the safe distance from the vehicles which are following me.


The "two vehicle" rule is crucially important on urban roads, especially at STOP signs and at TRAFFIC lights, when another vehicle is ahead of me.

"Caution" is the rule, because the vehicle/s ahead of me may well not move forward with equal or even speed.

Thus it was the other day, when I was driving north on Honore Ave from 17th St., here in SRQ, I came to a stop at the traffic light at Desoto, (where the road leads up to our new and abominable Mall). I was (maybe) eighth in line.

I kept a safe distance from the eight vehicles ahead of me.

Those vehicles lurched forward, and then stopped. I had created enough space ahead of me so that I could stop with safety.

The driver of the car behind me was similarly wise. She/he was able to stop safely.

But not the next driver, nor the next, nor the etc.......


I did my errand quickly and began to return home, this time going south on Honore Ave.

There they were: six fender-bender cars all in a row. Imagine sorting out that insurance mess.

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