Monday, 31 August 2015

When the Dessert takes you over the top.

Sarasota friends Jack and Donna Chrisman shared Sunday lunch with me yesterday at their home.

They are gracious and thoughtful hosts.

Jack, using his resourceful Anglophile side, tracked down some English Back Bacon (lots of meat and not too much fat), English Sausages, and Heinz Baked Beans.

Donna got out her mixing bowl and made Buttermilk Pie for dessert.  This was a first for me.  It was utterly delicious -  and took the meal "over the top".

Thanks good friends.

This photo' is via Google images. Donna's pie looked even better, 

* Heinz Baked Beans as made and sold in the U.K. are in a tomato sauce rather than the molasseses based sauces which are favoured in the U.S.A.   They are Britain's favourite canned "fast food", often served on toast, and especially necessary for a "full English" breakfast.  They are now marketed in the U.K as "Heinz Beanz".  Jack and Donna Chrisman, discerning gourmands as they are, prefer the British beans.

A full "English" , complete with "Heniz Beanz"as created by Jamie Oliver.

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