Thursday, 3 September 2015

I posted incorrect information.

"When life gives you lemons you cannot always make lemonade"  

was the title of a Blog article I wrote last week about the apparent demise of my Veterinarian.  My posting was based on a conversation I had with a person who had sub-contracted for the good animal Doctor.

It transpires that her information was not accurate. 

I regret that I reported on what she said without double-checking, or tracing my sources.

In a 'phone message I received today from the Veterinarian's wife, I learned that his building has indeed been sold,  (to the Humane Society), but  he will shortly re-open his practice in another building.


As one who frequently urges others to be careful about what they post, and  often exhorts them to check with,   lest what they post turns out to be an urban legend  -  (there are a million and one false stories in cyberspace!)  -  I am very sorry that I posted a false or misleading report about my Vet.

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