Tuesday, 25 August 2015

When life gives you lemons you cannot always make lemonade

When I adopted my cats (some eight years ago), and my darling dog Penne (a year later),  I chose to use a local Veterinarian on the basis that his practice was located just 1.8 miles from my home.

I have been utterly pleased with his services. He has been utterly reliable.

This  good Veterinarian (who shall be nameless) has been very ill during the past 18  months, suffering from some horrid complications as a result of Gout.

Thus he has needed to hire various locum tenens  to keep his practice alive.

He began to recover. 

I last saw him on August 12th when I took Penne in, worried as I was about her breathing..

He seemed to be a bit  unfocused, but since Penne's temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate were normal, I accepted his diagnosis that she might well be suffering from a bit of arthritis,


I called his Office again yesterday to book Penne in for a  bath.

I heard a confusing recorded message which asked me to call again (quote) "When we re-open".


 "When we re-open": what in the world did that mean?

I didn't have a clue, so I drove to his Office, there to discover that my good Veterinarian had been evicted from his premises because of his inability to pay the rent,

He had been unable to meet the rent because of the decline in his business,  on account  of his illness,

He was being evicted because that's the way of the  "free market" world.  

It's  a way which neither Republicans nor Democrats resist or question.

It's  the way by which skilled, honest, hard-working businessmen (such as my Veterinarian)  lose their small businesses, and their income.

Despite the rhetoric from both the Republican and Democratic parties:   When life gives you lemons you cannot always make lemonade.

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