Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Dinner today with my girl-friend

Fish Pie  (not the one I ate tonight)  this pic, is from the web,

My girl-friend Betty and I had an early dinner this evening at the Madfish Grill on Cattlemen Rd, SRQ.

She ate

Herb Crusted Cod
Panko and herb crusted cod, tomato-basil sauce, sautéed spinach + mashed potatoes, with enough to take home for her next two meals.
I opted for

Seafood Pie
Our original house favorite for over 11 years! Lobster, shrimp, scallops, sherry cream, scallions,  mushrooms, fresh baked "puff" (sic)  pastry + mashed potatoes,  (with) vegetables

 ( I chose to have  asparagus as a substitute for the mashed potatoes).

My dinner was good, but not excellent.  I think that for this kind of pie it's  better to have the puffed pastry as a "topping",  not as an entire pie casing - which tends to gets soggy on the edges and bottom of the pie.  But I ate it all!


My "date" Betty and I had lively and stimulating conversation about the books we have read in recent days; about death and dying; and about our family members.  

The quality of our conversation exceeded that of the food.

It was a lovely evening, for which I am grateful,

BY THE WAY, Betty is my 92 year old friend -  she is a WWII era ex-Marine,

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