Friday, 21 August 2015

Where have all the Muscovys gone?

At Glen Oaks Manor and Glen Oaks Ridge we used to see at least two or three families of Muscovy Ducks as they made their homes around our ponds.

Now they have all but disappeared.  In recent weeks we've seen only one lonely bachelor Muscovy.

Have the Muscovys  simply abandoned our area, or are they leaving/declining in other SRQ communities?

Many of my neighbours have disdained them, because they are unattractive (beauty is in the eye of the beholder); and  because of their copious droppings.

I  like the Muscovy ducks on account of their insouciance.  I miss them.

(On my trip to Vietnam I saw some Muscovys not far from the village where I spent a night with a Vietnamese family. They (the ducks) were a nice reminder of home.)

But here in SRQ I have to ask " Where have all the Muscovys gone?"

The following photo's are not mine. I lifted them from Google Images.

Muscovy with Chicks

This, unlike the others, is a photo' which I took


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