Thursday, 17 September 2015

Humour 17. Refugees 7.

I posted a silly bit of humour ("Boneless Bananas")  and got seventeen likes.

I posted a heartfelt and urgent word about the shortfall in funding for the World Food Programme, and got seven likes.

Humour 17.   Refugees 7.


Here's the "nasty" about the desperate straights of the WPF


That's why I urge you to write to your Senators and Representatives in the U.S.A,, and to your Members of Parliament in the U.K.  

The U.S.A. and the U.K. can well afford to be more than generous in making grants to the WFP.


You and I can also play a part.

We are required as decent human beings to send some money to the WFP.

We are required as self-interested human beings  to do the same,

AFTER ALL we Brits and Americans have taken so much from the world's wealth.

Now it is our time to GIVE BACK


Individual gifts to the WFP  can be made at

I will send $100 per month until further notice,

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