Tuesday, 15 September 2015

This, that, the other (and Wherries)


I asked my neighbour "B" if she had heard from a former neighbour "E", who recently moved to a new home.

"Oh yes" she said, "we seen him last week".

I bit my tongue, lest I should correct her use of English grammar.

It did not help that "B" has a Brooklyn accent.  (I can be such a snob.)


The other day an announcer on our local Public Radio station was pitching some of the programmes which could be seen later in the day on Public Television.

He was touting some travel shows, and said "then you can see a travel programme about a town in Italy called Umbria.

Umbria a town?   I think not.

See  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Umbria


In the olden days the soles of shoes were stitched to the uppers.  These days they are glued.

Stitches are better than glue.

I have gone through three pairs of walking shoes during the past year.  (I walk with my dog for about three miles every day).

I've been wearing "New Balance" walking shoes.  "New Balance" is a supposedly reputable brand. Their shoes are not cheap,

Their shoes seem to be well made, but for one thing: the soles separate from the uppers long before the soles  are worn out.

That happened this week with a pair of "New Balance" shoes which I bought last June.

I attempted to re-glue the soles to the uppers, and even placed the shoes under the back wheels of my car (overnight),  to secure the bond.  That "bonding" was good for about ten minutes as  I walked early this morning.

Damitt all, surely the New Balance Company could seek a manufacturer (in China?) which crafted a better product.


Wherry. Wherries.

Why did those words come into my mind mid-afternoon today.

"Out of the blue"  I remembered that my Mum, from East Anglia, would talk about the Norfolk Wherries.

Ain't memories strange?

So here is a bit about Wherries; in East Anglia, on the River Thames, and in New England.


Norfolk Wherry on the River Bure.

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