Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Nine nights, ten days and au revoir

Beth and Jordan's visit  came to a sad close today (Wednesday 7th Oct.).              

They will fly out of Orlando at 6:30 p.m., bound for London, Gatwick.

They've had a splendid time, as have I.

Here is an overview of their last four days.


Jordan and Beth had hoped to have a night out on the town, but they were a wee bit concerned about getting to and from a Sarasota Club by Taxi or by Uber,

John Mullen, in town from Colorado to visit his Mom  (my dear Betty Mullen)  came to the rescue.

He is an accomplished musician in the Irish tradition.  He had a gig at an Irish Pub in Hyde Park, Tampa, and asked if the young people would care to join him.   They did, and had a wonderful evening.  They were in the care of a safe driver (thank you John M); they were driven across our beautiful  Sunshine Skyway Bridge; and they enjoyed the pub, the beer, the music, and the food at:


Jordan and Beth had gotten home at "Lord-only-knows-what- hour" from their Tampa treat.

I had an early Monday  morning appointment with my Dentist, but I had  expected to see them when I got back home.

Instead they had set their alarms for an early departure for Busch Gardens in Tampa, and had bolted from SRQ before I arrived home.

They had a super day at Busch.  They "loved" every minute.

They returned to my home at about 6:30 p.m., just in time for me to cook their dinner/tea/supper,   (Grilled Salmon with various "sides").


The "wind-down day".

After breakfast; bacon, eggs, sausages, toast etc. (cooked by me).  Beth and Jordan packed their cases. 

Then they "chilled" at our community pool for almost three hours (terrific relaxation on their penultimate day).

Come evening,  we went to Barnacle Bill's (on the Trail)  for a "last supper",  at which we were joined by my pals Ben and Bob.

(Ben, Bob, Beth and Jordan have enjoyed each other so much).


We  went to Alma's Kouzine for breakfast

This  was Jordan and Beth's third visit to Alma's Kouzine:  where the food is so good.

Alma herself  greeted my family members with joyful smiles. She (the Hostess) and her husband Bennie (the Chef) are immigrants from Albania:  -  immigrants  who enrich our lives.

(Take that Donald Trump!).


At this time  (7:30  p.m/October 7th)  my beloved niece Beth, and her partner Jordan are en-route to the U.K.  I will miss them so much.

Beth and Jordan (when I mentioned bacon) 

Jmp and Beth (an old uncle and his young niece).

Jmp and Jordam

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