Monday, 5 October 2015

The perils of Povey and Penne (and some good stuff)


Last Wednesday I was driving west on Fruitville Road, between Beneva and Tuttle.  I was in the middle lane, the traffic was heavy, but it was moving well.

All  "out of the blue" the vehicles ahead of me ground to a halt.  I was within two yards of rear-ending the van in front of me.  I jammed on the brakes, and steered right, into the inside lane.

A sharp eyed driver in that lane saw what I was doing,  so he too jammed on his brakes, and also steered right,  into the bike lane.

No one was hurt; no one got angry; and what might have been multiple collisions were avoided.

But when I got to St. Boniface Church some twenty minutes later my heart was still all-a-flutter at what might have been.


In the late afternoon on Friday (2nd Oct) my guests Beth and Jordan and I set out for a walk around the pond with Penne.

Penne has often gotten excited at the sight and smell of a wee Maltese dog ("Walker"), but Walker's Mum (J) and I have steered the beasts clear of each other.

Last Friday when we encountered Walker I said to J, "I think that Penne likes Walker".  J replied "shall we try it?"

Alas - try it we did. Penne managed to slip her harness and totally flattened poor wee Walker (who cried pitifully).  I managed to pull Penne away.  An audibly  upset Walker returned to her Mum.

Beth  (who did work study with a Veterinarian) gave this scared Maltese a "once over", and saw no blood.

I was mortified, and filled with sorrowful apologies.

 J was upset (of course), but she was also reasonable and rational.  "After all", she said, "I was the one who said 'shall we try it'"

I promised to call J on Saturday morning.  Instead of a 'phone call I stopped by her home with a bunch of flowers.  That gladdened her heart.

Later that morning she took Walker to the Vet., who identified two small puncture wounds, but no broken bones.

When J told me about this I asked "how much was the Vet's bill?"    She told me, and I said that I'd like to pay half.

J accepted my offer with gladness and good grace, I wrote her a check/cheque  on the spot.

Neighbours can be good neighbours when goodwill abounds.


Some Good Stuff.

The visit  from the U.K. of my niece Beth (24) and her b.f Jordan (21) is drawing to a close.   It's been a wonderful time.

I will miss them.

More than that, my  cats (Ada and Adelaide) , and my dog (Penne) will be devastated when their English "aunt and uncle"  (Beth and Jordan)  go back to the U.K.

Beth, Jordan, Adelaide, Ada and Penne have been indulging in a love-fest right under my nose.


On Saturday  Beth, Jordan and I went out to Sarasota's "Big Cat Preserve".

We had mixed feelings:

On the one hand we were glad that the Big Cats (Lions, Tigers, Ligers etc) had not been euthanised  after they had served their time in private ownership/ circuses/governmental agencies etc.

On the other hand we hated to see them  restricted  in very small cages.

After our visit to the Big Cat Preserve I took Beth and Jordan to Total Wine, an essential stop for tourists.   J and B were "boggle eyed" at the range of beers, wines and spirits which Total Wine offers (all that, and great customer service too).

After a brief stop at my home for a cuppa, we took Penne in the car and drove to Sarasota's Bay Island Park for a lovely early evening walk.  The breeze coming off the Bay was delightfully refreshing.

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