Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Out with the old, in with the......?

Soon after I moved from Cambridge MA., to Sarasota FL.  I bought a new to me (i.e. pre-owned) car.

It lacked one thing: a Boston Red Sox bumper sticker.

My Cambridge friends, James and Kristen Nerich mailed me a shiny new one.

Alas, over the years it became faded and tattered, just like the Sox themselves.

Out it went this morning.


More than ten years ago I bought and wore  a  brand new blue shirt.

One of the St. James's Cambridge parishioners saw it and said, "Michael, you look very good in blue".

That's all I needed to hear.   So over the years I have majored in blue shirts.

I had a favourite.  I bought it at "Goodwill", a charity store in SRQ/.

I wore it and I washed it.

I washed it and I  wore it,

I wore it and washed it until it was way past its best.  The colour was faded, and the collar was frayed.  I thought about having the collar reversed, but then I realised that the Tailor's fee would be more than the cost of the shirt.

So yesterday  (Monday 26th), having worn the worn shirt to Church on Sunday;  instead of putting it  in the laundry (U.S.A.) / washing (U.K.), I put it in the trash.

Bye-bye shirt


A couple of months ago I bought a brand new shirt at Target.  It's in a lovely light grey colour,

BUT I will not be wearing it.  That's because the moment I put it on, it will no longer be a brand new shirt.

Is this a male thing?, viz:  hang on to old clothing until it is barely wearable,  but refuse to wear new clothing lest it be spoiled.



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