Monday, 30 November 2015

At age 71 am I a "snazzy young man'? (NO!)

You look like a "snazzy young man". So said the clerk (shop assistant) at "Total Wine" this morning.

Maybe it was because I was wearing my light blue, long-sleeved, buttoned-down collar "Arrow:" shirt, together with my brand new "Izod"  -  "wearing-for-the-very-first time" golf shorts, and a lovely cap which I bought in Bergen, Norway last year.

Or maybe it was because she wanted to flatter me.  

I did not play into her flattery by revealing my age.

Maybe I looked like a  "snazzy young man".

Indeed I looked smart,

But I wish that this very pleasant  young woman had seen me at 3:30 a.m. this morning (Nov 30th 2015).

At that time I left my bed to "relieve myself"

I walked back to my bed (bum first) to sit down,

I sat down, but I missed the bed.  I fell to the floor.

In this dreadful process I managed to shove aside  a book shelf, and cause a picture to fall from the wall,

I suffered "mild abrasions" to my left arm, and  a bit of pain to my  right wrist,

Despite and  because of  these minor  inconveniences I cannot see myself as a "snazzy  young man".

BUT  IT WAS A "NICE TRY"  on the part of the young woman at TOTAL WINE!!

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  1. nothing like falling on your "snazzy" in the middle of the night, glad you weren't badly hurt.