Monday, 21 December 2015

Au Revoir and Adieu

Au Revoir to Betty M.  

Her home faces mine on the other side of our street.

Betty has moved to a retirement home, way south of me on Beneva,

She is one of the most gracious and utterly happy people I have ever met.

I will miss her as an utterly delightful neighbour.

I hope to see her from time to time in her new abode.


Adieu to Bert and Polly.

I have grown to care for them in the 9 1/2  years during which I have lived in SRQ.

Their home is four doors away from mine.

Polly, in her mid 90's, has become increasingly forgetful.

Her husband Bert  ( a bit younger) has shown every sign of stress due to his extreme tiredness.

Bert and Polly have spent their summers in Indianapolis, at the homes of their daughter (and her husband); and their son (and his wife).

I have often wondered if they would be fit and able enough to return to SRQ for the winter months.

True to form, they came back to SRQ just before Thanksgiving 2015,

They came back, but it soon became clear that, despite their best intentions and efforts they were unable to take care of themselves.

That being the case, their daughter and son arranged yesterday to fly them back to Indianapolis.

Bert and Polly will spend their remaining years  in Indianapolis with their children.

That is wise, good, and inevitable.  BUT  I will never again see them.  That makes me sad. Adieu mes amis.

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