Sunday, 3 January 2016

Boston Red Sox and El Povo

It's  been a wet and chilly day in SRQ today.

The temps have been at about 58f/13c  (chilly indeed for this part of the world).

We've had light rain for most of the day.

I managed to have three half-mile walks in dry weather with Penne before the 8:00 a.m. service at St. Boniface Church, and another at about 10:15 a.m. after I had shared Holy Communion with a parishioner who resides in a Nursing Home.

Then the rain set in.

Mid afternoon I "knew" that Penne needed a pee walk, despite the light rain.  She will walk with me in rain, knowing that her reward will be great after the walk.  (She goes into ecstasies  when I towel her down).

I wore a water-proof jacket which always hangs on a hook near my front door.  It was a gift from the youth at St. James's Cambridge, MA when I retired in 2006.

I often forget that it is there. But not today!

It's a Boston Red Sox jacket.

Please understand that I have more interest in King Canute of England than I have in American professional "sports".  But also understand that an essential part of my pastoral ministry in Cambridge MA was to feign a devotion to the Sox.


One of the youth members at St. James's was beginning to study the Spanish language at his High School when I was the Rector.  He (Sam Bonsey  - who will be getting married this year) (how time flies)  decided that I should be called  "El Povo".

So that was my moniker for the wonderful young Christians at Saint Jimmy's.   SUCH GOOD MEMORIES!

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