Friday, 1 January 2016

O no John (no "Hoppin' John")

On December 31st  2015 I remembered that I had not cooked  "Hoppin' John"  for the New Year as  I done in the  years since I moved to "The South".

Here is a bit about "Hoppin' John".

Fortunately I do not believe in good luck, or bad luck, or Karma , so I will not fret at my failure to cook Hoppin' John this time.

Instead I will create a new tradition.

Sine 2016 is a Leap Year I will pretend that  Hoppin' John is a dish for February 29th, and  cook some on February 28th  (if you remind me!).   


Despite my Dec 31st/Jan 1st failure I realised that have been making my modernised version of the dish  in recent weeks.

Here is the recipe:

Equal amounts of  Quinoa, Lentils and Black Eye'd Peas.

Cook the Quinoa in water or broth according to the directions on the packet.  Then add the Lentils and Black Eye'd Peas and simmer until the broth has all but evaporated,

Add a  bit of hot Salsa for flavour, and some cooked sausage or  bacon chopped up onto little pieces.  (I use Chicken and Apple Sausage).

C'est bon!


My friend Andrew McGowan reminded me (via the New York Times) of an Irish New Year's Day tradition of eating Bread and Butter on that day,



Bread and Butter is so good!

It's especially good if the bread is a Malt Loaf


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