Thursday, 17 March 2016

26,229 days

(1) I read "somewhere" in recent days that it is a good thing to start one's day with a glass of warm or hot water suffused with freshly squeezed lemon juice.

I have no idea why this is recommended.

But of course I do  this.

It's all part of my "reformed diet" which I adopted after a recent and miserable intestinal tract infection, and then an unrelated spike in my blood pressure to high and dangerous levels.

My good and faithful Physician recommended the use of foods and beverages with probiotic qualities  even as I took the anti-biotic medicines to deal with the infection.

Thus I have been drinking Bigelow's Lemon and Ginger Tea (with probiotics) and using Kefir brand "Low Fat Cultured Milk" (with probiotics) with my morning Cereal.

BUT  an article in the week's Sarasota Herald-Tribune Health Supplement asserted that probiotics have no useful effect.   Deary, deary me!

NOT TO WORRY  Dr.Kristen Paulus.  I'll hang in with those probiotics, confident in my belief that in five or so years another study will reveal that probiotics are efficacious in curing male pattern baldness, ingrowing  toe nails; and nasal hairs.



1. I have been drinking far more caffeinated coffee than is good for my health  (four to five mugs a day anyone?).  

I have been reformed into drinking only one cuppa "real coffee" each day.  Herb teas (with or without probiotics) fill the gap.

2. The health benefits of Kefir Low Fat Cultured Milk may or may not be clear.  But I like its flavour, especially when I use it on my "Back To Nature"  Sunflower and Pumpkin Seed Granola for breakfast (with added Blueberries)

3,  Good Lord above (!) with this diet I had hoped to feel about thirty-five years old.

NOT SO,  Diet notwithstanding I am 26,229 days old today.

4.  Too bad that there is not an emoticon for "Tongue in Cheek" or for "Povey silliness".

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