Tuesday, 15 March 2016

I voted today

In the Florida Primary Election.

(Note to readers outside the USA.  The Primary or Caucus system is confusing even to well informed USA voters! )  Save to say that in FLORIDA we vote according to whether we are registered as Republican or Democratic Party voters.  We vote in the primary of the party of our preference. Voters who are registered as "Independents"  do not get to vote in the Florida Primaries.

I do not know whether or not there are also Florida  Primary elections for those who are registered to vote as members of minority partys such as the "Greens" or the  "Constitution Party".

SOME STATES have "Open Primaries" in which voters can vote for the candidate of their preference, regardless of party affiliation.

Nonetheless I voted today.  I went to my local Polling Station and made my choice via an optical reader voting machine.

MANY OF MY FRIENDS vote in advance of election days by using a Postal Ballot, or by visiting an "Early Voting" venue.

Of course this makes sense for those who because of age, incapacity, or "out of town" business commitments are unable to visit the Polling Station  on election days,

BUT FOR NOW  I choose to vote in person at my local  polling station. There I am more than likely to encounter my neighbours, and to greet them warmly because we are participating in local democracy whatever our party affiliation. (It happened to me this morning).

It's a sweet face to face encounter with neighbours,  Republican or  Democratic,  as we do our wee bit to participate in representative democracy,

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