Thursday, 31 March 2016

ALL IN ONE DAY: Czech Mates

A gracious moment

This morning I was a waiting room, waiting to be called for my scheduled endoscopy/colonoscopy.

In walked three people, two men and a woman.  They approached the receptionist's desk.

 It turned out that one of the men was at the clinic for a "procedure".   He was with his wife,  The other man was a friend and translator. (All three were from the Czech republic, the translator was a Czech man who spoke flawless English, and was himself a physician ).

The grace for me was that as these three people talked with the receptionist, and as they chatted with each other they never stopped smiling.

Their smiles and their cheerful demeanor were a gift.  They helped my to relax ahead of my own "procedure".

My intake Nurse, "Bonnie'",  was also a joy.  I told her about the "three cheerful Czechs".

"Oh" she said, "that is a pass it on moment".  

Yes indeed,  When you experience joy  "pass it forward"

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