Saturday, 2 April 2016

Phew! and Wow!

As I was planning my trip to Vietnam in 2013 my Lawyer recommended that I should have a second signatory for the locked box I have at a local bank.

(Sans an alternative signatory in the event of something bad happening to me, the Lawyer would have to get Court permission to access the box).

My friend John V agreed to be this person, and we tripped off to the bank to register his name, address and signature.

Three years later it occurred to me that John should have possession of one of the two keys issued by the bank,  On Wednesday of this week I set off for a walk with Penne.  Since I often see John or his partner Gordon on our dog walks I took with me one of the keys in the little envelope which the bank supplies.

I saw Gordon, but even as I offered him the envelope I realised that it was empty. "Ah well" I thought "maybe I gave a key to John three years ago,

I saw John on Thursday evening at the home of a mutual friend,  I asked "did I give you a key for my locked box?"  John confessed that he could not remember, but that he would search for it when he returned to his own home.

A bit later that evening as I walked home I encountered an acquaintance named Dan as he took his rest in the lovely Gazebo at the end of a pond,  He said "take a look at this,  I found it on the flat railing in this Gazebo".   I took a look at "this".

You've got it!  It was the missing key.

I must have dropped it as I fished the envelope out of my pocket the day before.  Some kind soul had found it and placed it on the Gazebo's railing in the hope that the owner would find it.   I never use that Gazebo, but "heavens to Betsy", Dan was there at just the right time to reunite me with my key.


Fred and Diana Emrich are dear friends who live on Longboat Key, FL, and on the Island of North Haven in Maine.

Fred always goes back to North Haven a month or so before Diana.  So yesterday we had a valedictory lunch at one of my favourite restaurants "The Columbia" at At. Armand Key. (As well as enjoying a good lunch I made sure to buy a quart of the Columbia's EXCELLENT Gazpacho for later feasting at home) 

I took with me some very good biscuits for Fred to enjoy on his long drive north.  He had a gift for me, all nicely wrapped etc.

I opened it after lunch, and then grinned from ear to ear.  Here is a photo' of Fred's gift

WOW!  It's already my favourite mug.

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