Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Four English politicians were in a pub...........

The views of an English ex-pat now living in Florida, USA

Nigel Farage, UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) stands at a corner at the end of the bar.  He doesn't drink his beer -  he quaffs it.  He is the pub bore, here every night, telling the same old stories and the same old jokes, with or without an audience.

Boris Johnson, former Mayor of London and leader of the BREXIT (British Exit from the European Union), sits alone at a table. He sips at a Gin and Tonic.   You join him. He is glad to see you.  For the next fifteen minutes he regales you with stories of his brilliance:  his successes, his wisdom, and his bicycle. He tells you that he and Donald Trump have the same hair stylist.  He never once asks you a question, or asks for your opinion.

U/K Prime Minister David Cameron also stands at the bar.  He holds a half-pint glass of bitter so that you will know that he is a man of the people.  You stand next to him and begin to chat. You think that he is listening to you.   But then you notice that he never looks you in the face. He is looking over your shoulder in the hope that a Really Important Person is also in the pub.

Jeremy Corbin (Leader of the U.K. .Labour Party) sits alone at a table in the semi-dark  recesses of the pub..

No-one wishes to talk with him, so he talks to himself.


But I bet ( and here I admit my prejudice)  that  if you had recently been "made redundant" (U.K. terminology)  or "fired" (U.S.A. terminology ), or if your spouse, or partner, or parent had just died, Mr. Corbin would be the one man who you would be glad to encounter in a pub.

Unlike Farage, Johnson or Cameron, Mr. Corbin would take time to listen to you, and to try to share your burden.

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