Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Voice to text is quirky: Mr. Probably.

I saw my very fine Physician Dr. Kristen P this morning to follow up on my blood pressure "issues".

I am happy to know that my b/p has returned to very normal and acceptable levels.

Dr. P ordered some blood tests for August.  Later in the day that she had omitted  one important test.

Her staff member called me about this.

I was out of the house, so Dr. P's staff member left a voice mail, which was translated into text.

Voice mail to text is "iffy".

At one point the voice to text message addressed me as  Mr Colby.  That has a certain amount of sense.  "Povey" on voice mail can easily be transformed to "Colby" in  text.

Later on in the voice to text message "Mr. Povey" emerged as "Mr Probably".


That designation of me as "Mr. Probably" reminded me of the time in 1999 when my good friend Michael Vono,  (then the Rector of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Rome, Italy, now the Episcopal Bishop of the Rio Grande),  embarked on a Grand Tour of Greece.

I had persuaded him that although I am a restless sleeper we could save money by sharing hotel rooms.

That plan lasted for one night, and one night only (in Athens).  On that night dear Michael Vono scarcely enjoyed a wink of sleep because of my restless and noisy sleep. (He ended up sleeping on the floor of the bathroom in our Hotel Room to escape my noise!)

But he had a few moments of merry amusement,

He heard me (in my sleep) cry out "no, no, no" with ever increasing volume..

Then, in my sleep I paused for a moment, before exclaiming .

Michael Vono and I agreed that my words "no, no, no" and "well maybe"  were a classic exposition of the woolly theology of the Episcopal Church.

So perhaps I am indeed "Mr Probably".

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