Saturday, 15 October 2016

Of course I miss my little Ada

Ada, the sweetest and most affectionate of my two cats.

I had to let her go because of her illness.  But of course I miss her.  

Her passing has made it clear that she was the alpha.

She and Adelaide got on well enough, but from time to time I would observe Ada as she asserted  her authority. Ada would "bat" Adelaide, then chase her into submission.

Sans Ada, Adelaide has demanded  (as only cats can demand) more attention from me.  She is also trying to become Penne's best friend.  Penne is not impressed.

St. Penne of Sarasota.

 Penne has also reacted to Ada's death.  For you see Penne had decided that my bedroom/office was "Ada Territory".   If  Penne was resting in my bedroom she would immediately exit when Ada entered.

She had decided (I think) that my room was "Ada Territory". 

Now that  Ada has gone Penne has claimed the room for her own.

She now loves to sleep at night on a mat alongside my bed, a thing she refused to do when Ada was the boss. 

I miss my little Ada.    But I am so happy when I awaken in the night secure in the knowledge that Saint Penne is nearby. 

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