Fie on the Presidential "debates"

I will not be watching the so-called debate tonight.

Firstly. because such events bear no resemblance to the classical debates which are a feature of High School and College debating clubs and societies ---  viz "It is proposed that......"

Secondly, because the televised debates afford each nominee the opportunity to bloviate, to  score points, and to exploit any "gotcha" opportunities. "How sophomoric!" 

Thirdly, because such events rarely if ever give us deep and trustworthy information regarding the realistic, hard-nosed, and difficult decisions which the candidate will face if elected.

Fourthly, because whatever is said or is not said, each side will proclaim "We won''


I have so very little interest in tonight's political reality show that I will skip it, in favour of taking my car to the local car wash

pic via Theresa L.

(If this photo' offends you then I encourage you to "get a life", and to re-establish contact with your funny bone).


  1. Good decision Michael, the "debates" are idiotic. Full of sound and fury signifying nothing, as someone once said.


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