Tuesday, 20 December 2016

In doing the right thing I did the wrong thing.

On returning home yesterday afternoon at about 4:30 I was greeted by a very agitated neighbour
D-wn C,

"Michael", she said, "my house if full of smoke, and my thing is beeping, and I don't know what to do".

Here I did the wrong thing, I went into the house.  That could have been dangerous.

Of course I called 911.   The dispatcher asked me a series of questions.  It seems to me that this is necessary in the light of various hoax or prank calls.  And it was important for the fire-fighters to know if anyone was still in the house, and/or if anyone was injured,

The SCFD  was on its way in a matter of 45 seconds. The nearest firehouse is just over a mile away, and we could hear the sirens all the way up Circus Boulevard,

In turns out that D-awn had overcooked some food in her microwave, No harm was done (except to the food!).

D-awn is, to put it nicely, quite fuzzy around the edges, so I was glad to have arrived home just as her crisis began.

And to put it strongly, the firefighters were utterly splendid not only in their response to a possible fire, but in their tender and gracious service to D-awn. They soon had a huge fan in place to blow smoke out of her unit.

The Battalion Chief happened to be in the scene, so I was able to shake his hand and thank him for the response of his team.

Two other notes:

(1) It's clear to many of her neighbours that D-wn should not be living alone.  Now, if only we could convince her one and only son that this is the case,

(2) My unit is at one and of a triplex, D-wns at the other end,  And there is no firewall between the units.  In a worse case secnario all three could be in a blazing inferno in a matter of minutes,  That gives me pause for thought in the middle of the night.

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