Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Sadness ... and travel

Our good friend Ben died yesterday.  At aged 92 he was in good physical and mental health  (except for blindness caused by macular degeneration).

Ben had been at my home on Monday evening to raise a glass of gin in honour of my sister and brother in law who are visiting from England.

He grew very sick during the night, and mercifully died after less than twenty four hours of illness.

Ben was generous, funny and wise.  He could also be a curmudgeon!

The gang of us who are his pals are sad, but we are not devastated.  Ben's was a good long life.  We will miss him.  But we are not weeping, and we do not need condolences,  sympathy or prayers!


Maureen, Bern and I leave in a few hours for a trip to the Bay State where we will do some touristy stuff  (Concord, Lexington etc).  Mostly we'll be visiting with friends in various Bay State cities from Plymouth in the east to Pittsfield in the west

Eat your hearts out St. Boniface friends we'll be having dinner with Jonathan and Andi Taylor on Thursday evening in Plymouth  (about half way between South Yarmouth on the Cape, and Cambridge where we will be staying for a few nights).

Back home on Monday.

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