Saturday, 14 January 2017

Not our Longboat Key - Not our Siesta Key.

In 2016 the University of Florida Press published "Backroads Of Paradise: A Journey To Rediscover Old Florida".

Here is the background to this book.

"In the 1930's, the Federal Writers' Project sent mostly anonymous writers,..........into the depths of Florida to reveal its splendor  to the world.

(Back then) the FWP and the State of Florida jointly published the results as "Florida: A Guide to the Southernmost State" .

The 2016 book  "Backroads Of Paradise: A Journey To Rediscover Old Florida" recounts a journey in which the author attempts to  travel again on the 1930's roads and journeys.  The journeys are an exploration of what is left of "old Florida" in the midst of over-developed Florida.

In my part of Florida she likes Anna Maria Island, describing it as a seven mile strip of paradise.  She is happy that the Island can attract visitors without needing tall buildings.

Then our author describes Longboat Key and Siesta Key, two barrier islands south of Anna Maria. She states that they are a study in understatement "especially as compared with the McMansions and condominiums to their north"

Really?  Understatement?  No McMansions or condominiums!

When I reached this part of the book I wondered if the author had even driven the length of Longboat Key.  I decided that if she could be so wrong about LBK and SK she could very well be wrong in what she reports about other parts of old Florida.

So I took the book back to the Library.

Longboat Key

Siesta Key

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