Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Predatory business practices by Comcast.

If you have followed me on Facebook you will know that Comcast/xfinity increased my monthly charge yet again

My cable T.V service is paid for via my monthly dues to the Glen Oaks Ride Condo. Assoc. which has negotiated a sweetheart cable T.V deal on behalf of our 197 owners.

So I need Comcast only for internet access via wi-fi.

For this they want to charge me $74 per month, (an $8 increase per month) on the basis that they offer me "enhanced" services such as live streaming of T.V. shows and Movies etc.

I am not interested in these enhanced services. but I have to pay for them.

It's as if a gas station when offering three grades of petrol said "well we know that you only use Regular. but we will charge you for Super on the basis that we offer it. whether or not you use it".

Gas/petrol grades in the USA.

An older picture, (prices are lower these days), which illustrates the difference in cost between Regular and Super grades.hg

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