Thursday, 9 February 2017

My car, my neighbours, my dog, my family, my friends.

My 2006 Hyundai Santa Fe is showing signs of wear and age.  I am hanging on to it because at my age I am reluctant to invest in a new vehicle,

I've recently been hearing some intermittent clunks when I have taken a sharp left hand turn, and when I have jammed on the brakes.

So my car spent eight hours in my good service station today.

The techies could not replicate the clunks.  They checked everything out, then recommended that I should continue to drive the car unless and until the "clunking"  returns with a vengeance.

I was not charged a penny by Sam's Auto for their diagnostic work.  Yeah!


My good neighbour Barbara B was good enough to meet me at Sam's Auto this morning and then drive me home after I had checked the car in.

When I heard that my car was "O.K." and could be recovered from Sam's I simply stood outside my home and waited,   Sure enough another neighbour, Mary Ann drove by.    I flagged her down, and asked if she could/would drive me to Sam's Auto (just a mile away).  She was pleased, delighted, and happy to do so,

There is so much to be said about living in a neighbourhood.


My darling dog Penne is still incapacitated. with severe back pain.

Her pills "Rymadil 100 mg"ameliorate her pain, so she is up for pee and poop walks. This afternoon we set out for a walk which usually takes 20 minutes.  Penne insisted on taking the entire  walk, even though, due to her frequent stops and starts, it took us 45 minutes.

As we re-entered our home her back legs buckled under her.

Tomorrow (Friday 10th) Penne will have some x-rays to try to locate the root of her pain.

Damn I fear the worst.


My beloved Auntie Irene (my only remaining aunt) has succumbed to what they call "dementia",  (I hate that word).  Today we heard that she has secured a place in one of Bristol, U.K's premier care facilities.

I grieve for Auntie Irene's dementia.  I am delighted that she will receive excellent care.


My Sarasota friend, the Revd. C. Robert (Bob) Lewis has also plunged into dementia, (Maybe he did not plunge, perhaps we did not recognize earlier indicators.)  I am glad that our mutual friends Mike R and Charles G are smoothing Bob's way into "care".


In the midst of this, and feeling a bit overwhelmed I took time out today to call my dear friend the Revd. Andrea S (Andi) Taylor in the belief that she would be up for some  chat  on a day when the weather forecast indicated that Cape Cod (MA) where she now lives would be hit by a blizzard.

Such was the case.  We prattled away for half an hour, to our mutual benefit.

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