Friday, 10 February 2017

Penne, Vet, X-Ray today

Penne's pain is caused by disk-compression.  The cartilage between two discs is all but gone, and there are a few bone spurs.

She will be on Carporofen to relieve pain and inflammation.

There is one caveat.  Carprofen has been known to cause liver and kidney problems.

The vet took blood today just to make sure that Penne's liver and kidney are in good shape.  If that be the case she will be on these meds for the rest of her life  (with annual blood tests re the liver and kidneys).

Of course I am immensely relieved  -  I had anticipated the worst,

Just so long as we can keep her pain free!

I will have to end her jaunts in the car.  It's a big leap in and out of the car, which is clearly not good for her back.

Thanks for your concern.

Carprofen is sometimes marketed as Rimadyl

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