Wednesday, 31 May 2017

I'll have another one next year!

I love my birthday.  I advertise it widely in advance of the day.


Thursday 25th May  (the night before)  Dinner at Cafe Baci with my besties Allan, Rick P, John C, and Rick R.

Friday 26th May (the day) wonderful table fellowship and a home cooked meal with my dearest Ron and Char, and with Ron's sister Karen and her husband Den.  Just what the Doctor ordered!

Saturday 27th May a "special edition" Ben's Bar at my home with Gordon and John, Bill and Patrick, Rick and John, and another Rick at my home

Tuesday 30th May  Drinks and nibbles at the home of Jack and Donna C, with dear Muriel Q, and with Chris and Clare (Brits who live and work in Germany),

Some lovely and unexpected gifts:  wine, and more wine!, ginger preserves, chocolates, Scottish shortbread, "best" English tea bags, a book about Alexander Hamilton, and a Barnes and Noble Gift Card (ear marked for a book about the Amish).

Scores and scores of greetings via birthday cards, e-mails and Face book messages, together with  'phone calls from family members in the U.K.

I should be so lucky.  I am grateful.   I plan to have another birthday in 2018!

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