Saturday, 3 June 2017

Observed and overheard in SRQ today

I was at Target Optical this morning to have new lenses fitted to my existing frames.

As I waited I watched a thirty something  couple, complete with a child aged about eighteen months who sat in the shopping cart.

The man was more than six feet tall. He looked like a Marine.  He wore a "wife beater" (yes I hate that term) shirt, with his tats and muscles in plain view.

She was picking out new sunglasses.  She chose three designs and tried them one, one at a time.  Each time she asked her partner "do you like these?":  His responses were "yes I like them" (frame #1); "I really like them" (frame #2), and "I like those too" (frame #3).

I started to laugh out loud..  He was clearly hedging his bets.  His body language said "get me out of here right now!"

Meanwhile the little child was opening and closing a "Target" leaflet as he chattered (OK. - "babbled") away.  Mum and Dad seemed to be oblivious to him.  I wanted to babble away with him.


A bit later I was at my local pharmacy to pick up some prescribed meds.

The woman ahead of me seemed to have a very complicated order, and there was much to-ing and fro-ing between her and the pharmacist.  That being done the pharmacist asked "would you like a bag?".  The customer responded with a curt "yes".

Before I could stop myself I said out loud "yes please".

Without turning to look at me the customer said "oh, yes please".


I can be such a snob!

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