Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Police Department at my home

A City of Sarasota (FL) Police Department Cruiser with two Officers arrived at my home last evening.

I knew at once why the Policemen were here.

For you see, my address is almost the same as that of an elderly woman who lives in an adjoining community.   When and if she falls she dials 911 to ask for help. One time before the Police came to my home by mistake, and twice the Fire Dept. Ambulance with its' EMT crew have done the same.

So I strode outside yesterday, and with confidence announced to the two cops that were at the wrong house.

One of them replied  "Oh no we are not, we are here for you.  Trader Joe's has issued a complaint again you for bad breath".

You've guessed!   This was just one more of my zany dreams.

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