Monday, 19 June 2017



I've been on a blood thinner since May 6th.  I have  been thin skinned and  an easy bleeder, (aren't we all at our age?)  but now I bleed, and bleed and bleed, and the blood takes for ages to clot.

I knocked my elbow on the door jamb of my car this afternoon.  It was a superficial wound, but I bled, and bled and bled for three hours.

Blood on the floor, blood on the sofa  (leather fortunately), blood on a clean pair of walking shorts, and blood on three clean undershirts, blood all over the place.


Third dressing

Blood on the Sofa

Gauze after four dressings

blood on undershirt # 2

Now you know why I will never be a smash and grab criminal.  Morality apart, I'd leave a blood trail for miles.

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