Saturday, 24 June 2017

The sublime Mozart

WSMR (Sarasota Music Radio?) licenced  to the University of South Florida, is south west Florida's Twenty Four Hour Classical Music Station.

Eat your hearts out those of you who live in metropolitan areas who have no such radio stations  (remember when in Boston we had WGBH which used to major  in Classical Music, with the eccentric and marvelous Robert J Lurtsema and his five hour classical music programme, and WCRB with its daily offering of the classics,)

GBH = Great Blue Hills
CRB = Charles River Broadcasting

As I tuned into WSMR last week it was to enjoy Mozart's Piano Sonata # 11 with the deceptively simple first movement -  so utterly beautiful as to bring tears to my eyes.

The third movement, a Rondo, is so well known as it is often played as a stand alone piece.

That movement, dubbed by Mozart as "Alla Turca" is passionate and exciting.  When I hear it my mind is taken back to St. Stephen's Parish in Pittsfield where I was the Rector from 1984-2000.   Michael W (aged then 16 or 17) was an accomplished pianist.

Twice, at my request, he played that "Rondo All Turca" as an offertory or a postlude, much to the delight  and joy of the congregation.

I cannot hear it without thinking good thoughts about Michael W.

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